June 11, 2017

Molecular Spectroscopy explained with SCIO - Look Inside - Gadget

Molecular Spectroscopy explained with SCIO

Hello Friend, Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Molecular Spectroscopy. Normal photos, you will have to click on a lot where we capture the light, whether it is an apple photo or photo of anything. Here you saw that thing from the outset.If you see what's inside him? What is inside an apple that is an apple? He got spoiled or is it good? Exactly what is its composition? Friends, you can find the bondage of your body or anything else by just apple or expect to its wake, with this technique. It is said in simple language that if you want to scan something, you can help with this mass spectrometry technique.

If you want to see that the apple that is froth that is rotten, how much fat is there in your body? So here are the friends who have to click on aas the type of photo you will do.
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Molecular Spectroscopy scan object with SCIO device
Simple thing is that you scanning anything, from inside !! fluorescence spectroscopy, Now the phone which you have here, the only normal camera in it, you can find the camera inside the phone, and you can capture the object's temperature thermal image with the help of the infrared light from the thermal camera. So friends will have us in the days to come. You will be able to see where these cameras are located inside an object. And here we will use NIRS (Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy). Friends, this is a company whose name is Consumer Physics and here he has developed a small Gadgets named SCIO and with its help, you will be able to do something similar. Go ahead and watch a mobile phone with a camera, but I do not know when it will be! For now, friends will be able to anonymize something like this.

How will this work?

          Let's see if there is an object in this world whether it is a T-shirt, Television, whether you are yourself in this world. Here you know that all these things are made of different types of components. There are different types of autos and ir spectroscopy inside them. So we have to find out that we can see different types of different types of molecules or atoms within an object. Now, this is a small gadget on which the SCIO is basically ftir what makes it immutable to an infrared light.

Now friends in it, whatever the object we want to click on the photo, whatever the molecules in it, it is the Atoms, whatever electronic it is, after modification of that light, different feedback is given to the Yankee friends that the angle atom is that The electrons are those in the Kinase registrar, which will reflect the light, you will see different frequency and nature. D. When SCIO scans this in return, he will find out what is the composition inside him. Here you can see which one you see on the molecule or atom and how you can get them to the composition.
Now it is not so precise now that you can take him to work in a lab. But this is a fun device for the normal consumer. With the help of which you have enough fat inside your body, how many calories do you eat a fruit, you can see it all. You can see everything about that object, what are the compositions of those things that are made of them ... on this side, how accurate or bad is it? Or whatever......

Go ahead and plan their plans to get a smartphone. Right now, this is just a small device which is also quite raman interesting stuff. Now it's a lot of the positivities that I have in it. These are just some of my normal strapless that I have given. If we talk about Hi-Tech Labs, then friends, we are already taking all these work. But the device which is so big, it is so expensive that it is not that it will take you to the work of attaching it to your phone. And we all know that we need different functionalities in our mobile phones, which we can go forward and advance in the way we use our mobile phone.

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