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Remove Background from Image Free in Word - Advanced

Remove Background from Image Free in Word

Wonderful, but I just learned about the feature or remove photo background in MS Word. This feature helps remove the background in a few seconds and can help highlight the subject of the picture, by removing the background. You can remove the background of any picture using MS Word as background remover.

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In this example, the cat images are on a page in a Microsoft Word document file that has a blue & brown background. When the blue and brown background is removed from the picture, the make image transparent background and you can save in png format and also change another background.

Steps for Remove Background from Image

Step 1

Click to select the picture on which you want to remove the background. Under Picture Tools, click the Format tab. This tab appears when a picture is selected. You can see Remove Background tab first click on it.

Step 2

A bright magenta color indicates a color to be removed, and a marquee is positioned to get you started with an area selection. Click and drag the white handles of the marquee to position the rectangle around the section of the picture that you want to keep intact. Make sure that all wanted parts of the image are included in the rectangle. Click Keep Changes or press Enter. In the cat picture, only the blue & brown background is removed.

Step 3

When the color you mark to remove also appears within the image, those areas are removed along with the background unless you mark them as areas to keep. If not marked, they are removed and the blue background shows through. Use the Mark Areas to Keep or Mark Areas to Remove options in the Background Removal tab to control details of the removal as needed.

Step 4

When you click Mark Areas to Keep a pencil icon appears. Use the pencil to click on any section marked magenta to retain its original color in the picture. A small (+) symbol appears to indicate areas to keep and (-) symbol indicates removal. Click Delete Mark to remove a mark. Select Discard All Changes to restart the area selection process. Click Keep Changes or press Enter to complete the process.

Step 5

If the image contains an elaborate background rather than a simple solid color, you can still try again an again. Part of a photograph can be separated from its surrounding content. The ease of removing the background depends on the composition of the photograph and the part you want to extract.

Step 6

For best results, position the marquee completely around the part you want to keep as tightly as possible. Use the Mark Areas to Keep and Mark Areas to Remove to refine your selection. Elaborate photos may require more detailed editing.

Step 7

Examine the picture when done. Look for areas that were removed unintentionally press Ctrl-Z to go back. Next to right click on the image and click on Save as Picture. finally, you have removed a background image.
Also, You can Watch a video from here,

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