December 20, 2017

21 Google Hidden Tricks you should know for Fun - Tips and Tricks

The 21 Google Hidden Tricks you should know for Fun

This is no doubt that everyone wants to know Google easter eggs lists, the tricks that not many beings are aware of but still some people do retain those ruses when it comes to necessary. These types of refrigerating maneuvers on Google had its existence since long-time now it's time to dig up more.

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Top 21 Google Hidden Easter Eggs Tricks you should know

     This is no doubt that Google ever tries to hide some boasts from their use so that the subscribers get curious and does several types of research on those hidden new google subterfuges. All google tricks are here, to assist you we have experimented on Top 21 Google fun Tricks which are very useful, many of them are for fun, if you want to impress your friends in an exceptional style then use these subterfuges share with them and do more enjoyable on cool google tricks. Here are those 21 Google Hidden Funny Easter Eggs list:

    Google gravity space is another interesting ruse like Google anti-gravity, where the substance of the sheet keeps hovering without any gravitational pull. It is exactly how people behave when they are in space. When you probe with a particular keyword, even the search results behave in the same drifting lane. All the contents turn upside down but still keep themselves in a non-gravitational opening. enjoyed Google Gravity space.

    Zerg Rush

    Zerg Rush is another interesting hypothesis of Google Gravity which fixes the search results disappear one after one with the falling zeros. Simply type' Zerg Rush' in the Google search page and you can experience this awesome ruse in the search results sheet. Zerg Rush is a kind of recreation where you need to defend against a Zerg Rush.


    To view Google's Festivus Tricks, the first search for Google Festivus and enter, then you will see that the left-hand side will display a pipe target on the entire page.

    Atari Breakout

    On google type' Atari Breakout ' and click on' Idols' tab "'ve been waiting for" it you will see the results while dallying play, this to be for ordinary gamer who wish to spend time representing common play but hitherto this is one of the favourite tournament when it was launched and now likewise parties used to play this game researching that word 'Atari Breakout '. Kill all the idol decisions to triumph the join. Search for Atari breakout I'm feeling lucky.

    Google Gravity

    New Google pranks are here, the most famous! you can use this deception if you demand everything should work like earth's seriousness! yes, the severity we find currently as a living being you are able to also face the same gravity on Google, all is falling down.

    How Can You Do it? 

    Before you move to Google search bar, there is a requirement do some fixes on your browser, tour note wishes page and incapacitate the Google's Instant causes, now from address forbid category and on the search box kind Google Gravity and without reaching enter button simply move your mouse cursor on the proposals of Google Gravity you will find' I'm feeling lucky' option click on that.

    Google Guitar

    Google Gravity Guitar lets you play the guitar on the search engine page and enthrall others with your cleverness. With this, you can play various familiar tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Forest Gump and Harry Potter where Google provides you the accurate mentions for the adjusts. As "you're looking for" a keyword in the web page, the results will appear in an inverted way.

    Google Mirror

    Now another interesting Google trick, Google Mirror means whatever you will pursue on Google Mirror you will find those in backward written or can be called as a reflection of everything. Have you received an Ambulance? how does it look at the figurehead bonnet? it is written in a mirror highway. Just search on Google' Google Mirror' and do not clink enroll, just after typing click on' I'm feeling lucky' It will take you to the Google Mirror! Enjoy.

    Google 1980

    Just kind" Google in 1998 " in Google Search Box and you will see the results how Google looks like in 1998. it's a huge alteration between these years.

    Do a Barrel Roll

    Do a Barrel roll basically chooses for aircraft that how a pilot rotates 360 deg from its axis aerobatic tactic, the maneuver is likewise applied on Google page when "you're looking for" Do a Barrel Roll on google you will see the changes, you will have fun sure as shooting, this prank was very old, in 2011 Google pioneered some of these pranks on Easter Egg. There are more New Google jokes below you can find out!

    Google Pacman

    The firstly and will always be on the crest is Pacman, one of the google play maneuvers! yes, Pacman is very popular in the world of gaming since 2010, Pacman Game on Google was on PacMan Anniversary as Google Doodles on May 21, 2010. and Google also made the game officially available for video games sweethearts on the Google front page which mean's if your search exclusively for" PacMan" on Google you will be able to see the game with Click to Play alternative from where you can play Pacman.

    Google Pirate

    You like plagiarists, aye, matey? This one is so cool! Exit to the Google homepage, category' Google pirate' and hit' I'm feeling lucky '. Google will start exposing everything in raider accent. Check out the pink summarized segment of the image.

    Ball Pool

    This was very cool trick for fun. First search Google Ball Pool on google search engine. then you can see the first result Ball Pool - Mr.doob click on it. Now you On a Ball pool page. You can Drag a ball, Click on the background, Shake your browser, tap double click to see the magic.

    Google Rainbow

    Want to enjoy something colored other than the regular ruses? Then try the Google Rainbow page which accompanies some shades to your Google search engine. With Rainbow Google, you can experience the Google connections in rainbow pigments which maintain blinking in an animated form.

    Google Soccer

    On this first, you have to search google soccer on google search then you have to see first link Soccer 2012 simply click on it and you see the soccer game on google you can simply click on the pause button to play the game.

    Google Snake

    You must have played the serpents play in the previous Nokia mobile phones. Google Snake Game is exactly the same as that. The snake needs to eat up all the food provided in the game in order to get large. Google Snake Game can be played at here and they are able to share your values after the completion of the game.


    For this trick first search on google "Googoth" then click enter. now you can see the first link click on it. now you will be entered and you can see a search engine look like a horror that's it.

    Tilt Google

    'Tilt' exposes the search results in a tilted behavior as you can see above. To suffer this gimmick, plainly type' incline' after reopening the Google search page and punched enter. As the results will be presented you will find the difference between the normal search engine and the tilted one.

    Google Underwater

    The underwater deception expresses a beautiful background consisting of the underwater ocean with several species of fish. You'll find the contents of the web page in a drifting sort with an animated background that gives you an ended underwater experience. Google Underwater can be easily suffered at here.

    Google Zipper

    Google composed this for celebrating the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback, a Swedish architect credited with helping to develop the modern zipper, with a large, interactive zipper in place of the badge that allows users to unzip.

    Google Sphere

    In Google Sphere, the contents will flow around in a sphere appearance as you poise over the mouse in the page. It's a bit difficult to exploration anything through this sheet because the links spin around with your mouse and it becomes a bother to click on the right connection. As the results of this research materialize, you will too find them rotate in a globule. Google Sphere can be found Here.

    Flip a Coin

    If "you're on" a quiz or on a wager with person and has no such bucks then use Google Search for that, time from your smartphone or from manually type" fling a coin" or from the mic itself on smartphone you can say that and it will give you the flip-flop of coin which comes either Heads or Tails.

         So these are only the 21 Google Hidden Easter Tricks, We try to keep you updated on each new quirks we found on Google, too these Cool Google Tricks are widely popular among adolescents so try to share this with your Sidekicks. If "you've had" more with you then don't hesitate to add in the comment region so that others can get your tips too! All these New Google Tricks are old but still, some of them are new and still in use and some of these ruses are scoured regularly.

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