June 13, 2018

What is Tor over VPN and Why You Should Use it? - Cyber Security

What is Tor over VPN and Why You Should Use it?

Tor over VPN is a technical term that refers to connecting to the Tor browser after you connect to a VPN.  It combines the two most powerful online privacy software, allowing you to the browse the internet with complete privacy.  A properly configured Tor over VPN connection is practically unbreakable and provides maximum security.
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However, to best understand what is VPN over VPN and why you need it, we first have to understand what the constituent components are.

    What is Tor?

    Tor stands for The Onion Router and is a privacy-oriented browser.  It provides its privacy and security by relaying your traffic across different networks known as nodes.  These nodes are placed globally all over the world ensuring that neither no one can see your origin and destination IP locations.  Unfortunately, two nodes within Tor itself can see this; the entry node where your first accessed the Tor network, and the exit node when you have finally reached your destination.

    What is VPN?

    VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network is a secure tunnel between two or more devices and networks.  VPNs are used to protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship, ensuring your digital rights are always respected.  Unfortunately, it means you would have to trust that your VPN provider is reliable, but two VPN services have already been proven to be unreliable and in cahoots with the US government.

    Why You Should Use Tor over VPN

    Using Tor over VPN gives you the ability to protect yourselves from the weaknesses of using both services independently.  A VPN encrypts all traffic, including those sent via the relays of Tor.  This means that the entry and exit nodes within Tor’s relaying networks also cannot see your IP or that of your destination.  And since Tor hides your browsing activity from prying eyes, this means your VPN provider also cannot see your activity.

    Furthermore, it gives an additional layer of protection in the case of bugs in the two services.  Tor has previously had bugs that revealed the IP addresses of its Mac and Linux users in a highly publicized case in 2017 that had since been cited ad nauseum.  VPNs, particularly free or unreliable ones, are known to suffer DNS and Webrct leaks, revealing user data when connections are disrupted. Both of these issues are alleviated by Tor over VPN.

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